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PRODUCTION STUDIO (open to all; fulfills Production Studio requirement for concentrators)

TDM 90AR: TDM Puppet Production Studio (Kate Brehm)


TDM 180L: Before and Beyond Angels: The AIDS epidemic in live arts, culture and protest (Debra Levine)
TDM 182B: Black Arts Movement to #blacklivesmatter (Shamell Bell)
AFAMER 134X: How Sweet it is to be Loved By You: Black Love and the Emotional Politics of Respect (Marcyliena Morgan)
AFVS 241: New Media Theory (Laura Frahm)
EMR 152: Memory and Diaspora (Eleanor Craig)
ENGLISH 125PC: Shakespeare and Popular Culture (Alan Niles)
GENED 1097: Tradition, Performance, and Culture (Stephen Mitchell)


TDM/ENGLISH CKR: Intro to Playwriting (Sam Marks)
TDM 164H: Playwriting: Ritual Practice and Curious Worlds (Phillip Howze)

TDM 109: Beginning Acting (Marcus Stern)
TDM 119: Vocal Production for the Stage (Erika Bailey)
TDM 120: What's So Funny: Introduction to Improvisational Comedy (Remo Airaldi)
TDM 130R: Directing (Marcus Stern)
FRSEMR 35N: The Art and Craft of Acting (Remo Airaldi)

TDM 134: Artistic Processes (+) (LROD, Phillip Howze, Dede Ayite)

TDM 143: GAGA Movement (Ana Harmon)
TDM 149: Latinx Movement: Embodied Intersections of Latin Dance, Music, and Communal Practice (LROD)

TDM 154: Designing with Light (Jeff Adelberg)
TDM 162B: Adaptations: Repurposing Others’ Tales (Tania Bruguera)
TDM 169S: Singer + Song = Story (Stew)
AFVS 157L: Immersive Experience as Art (Young Joo Lee)

TDM 187B: Collective Protocols as Socially Engaged Art (Tania Bruguera)


TDM 150: Directorial Concepts and Set Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries (Julia Smeliansky)
GENED 1050: Act Natural (David Levine)


TDM 98: Junior Tutorial (James Stanley)
TDM 91R: Supervised Reading and Research
TDM 99A: Senior Tutorial: Senior Thesis Project


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