Exploratory Pathways

First or second-year students interested in exploring Theater, Dance & Media may wish to consider the following possible (but in no way comprehensive) clusters of courses to investigate the concentration.

Had lots of acting experience?

Consider expanding your training and knowledge by taking a movement course, a directing workshop, a course that looks at experimental theater, or a devised theater studio course. And, of course, advanced acting at some point.

          • TDM 141  Movement Lab 
          • TDM 130R Directing 
          • TDM 131  Directing Lab
          • TDM 133  Directing Film: Telling the Story & Working with Actors 
          • TDM 190  Making the Avant-Garde
          • TDM 191  Devising Physical and Image Performance
          • TDM 192  Total Theater: Devised Theater Workshop 
          • TDM 112R   Read more about Had lots of acting experience?

Are you a trained dancer wondering how your experience fits in with TDM?

Consider enrolling in a dance composition course, or a course on Avant-Garde Theater, in which dance has played a significant role, or take on course on dance in cultural context, a beginning acting course, or experiment with devised theater.

Never taken a dance course and intimidated by the prospect of being in the studio with a bunch of ballerinas?

There are a number of dance/movement classes, both credit and non-credit, in which non-dancers are encouraged to participate, to add their perspective, to gain experience about the awesome instrument we all have the privilege of occupying from birth to death.  

Interested in the intersection of history, theater, and music?

What did Lin-Manuel Miranda study anyway?  Why not take a course on the history of modern drama, and then explore American musicals, or a course on Hiphop or African American theater.

Wondering how your interest in media and technology might intersect with Theater, Dance & Media?

Courses in VES, TDM, and Computer Science will offer you the opportunity to investigate this provocative intersection.

I am a theater-techie: how can I understand the field better and improve my skills?

No group is more sought after at Harvard than skilled theater/dance designers and technicians. There are multiple courses here that will hone your skills and lead you to understand the importance of stage craft and design.