Current Productions

  • Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Five Pieces

    Five Pieces

    Harvard Dance Project, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • A Dream Play

    A Dream Play

    Directed by Daniel Kramer, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit:

  • Harvard Dance Project


    Harvard Dance Project, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Three Americanisms Production Photo

    Three Americanisms

    Directed by Paul Lazar, Spring 2018 (Photo Credit:

  • The Danube Production Photo

    The Danube

    Directed by Morgan Green, Spring 2019 (Photo Credit:

TDM Spring 2021 Productions

April 15-May 15, 2021: Harvard Dance Project: Digital Archive 
May 4-13: TDM Spring 2021 Production: I Have a Door Up There (more info TBA)

I Have a Door Up There is an invitation to peer through waves and reflections, plants and grandparents, knick knacks and outer space. It begins a conversation approaching care. Featuring interactive experiences accessible through both a website and a physical installation on the Harvard campus, I Have a Door Up There will unfold in 3 parts and will continue to evolve throughout its run. I Have a Door Up There invites you to spend time with loss in its varied shapes, sizes, and forms.

Part 1: What Grows (May 4-7)
An individual journey you are welcome to visit in your own time. Begin your journey through the website or physical installation at your leisure. The installation can be viewed through the windows of the Smith Campus Center on Holyoke Street across from Farkas Hall, 12 Holyoke St. View the website here:

Part 2: The Gathering (May 8 at 1pm ET)
After experiencing the website or physical installation, join us for an opportunity to share and reflect together. Upon registering, you will receive a link to the event and instructions on what to bring. Register here.

Part 3: Reorientation (May 9-13)
Re-visit our digital and physical spaces in your own time, to shuffle through our evolving archive of memory, story, and hope for what is to come.

created by Alice Findlay '22, Isaac Heller '23, & Noah Gold '22
in collaboration with Tara Ahmadinejad & Phillip Howze
audio, video, & AR design by Sadah Espii Proctor
website design by Matt Wolff
installation design by Emily Majors & Darien Carr
lighting design consultation by Cha See

Harvard Dance Project: Digital ArchiveTHE HARVARD DANCE PROJECT

During Spring 2021, the Harvard Dance Project underwent a virtual semester of re-imagining, innovation, and building co-creative environments to unfold a month long series of content for the public to view and browse for greater accessibility. The range of content investigated this semester includes decolonial performance and dance studies, race and gender studies, identity politics, artivism, and social justice using the lens of choreographic processes through interdisciplinary studies. 

Starting April 15th - May 15th in support of wellness, anti-racism, anti-hate, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, The Harvard Dance Project will launch a Digital Archive featuring thirty day access to world premiere dance films, artist research, and co-creative labs produced over the spring 2021 season. Calendar of events will be live on April 15th, 2021. HDP was facilitated by Professor LROD and Teaching Assistant Danny Rivera '19 and the co-creators are Mary Galstian '22, Camryn Jones '22, Gracie Western '21, and Lauren Xu '24. 

Our Digital Archive will be available for thirty days starting April 15, 2021 and continues to May 15, 2021. Our calendar and emerging special events will be live on launch day.

Check out Harvard Dance Project here: