Current Productions

  • Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Five Pieces

    Five Pieces

    Harvard Dance Project, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • A Dream Play

    A Dream Play

    Directed by Daniel Kramer, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit:

  • Harvard Dance Project


    Harvard Dance Project, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Three Americanisms Production Photo

    Three Americanisms

    Directed by Paul Lazar, Spring 2018 (Photo Credit:

  • The Danube Production Photo

    The Danube

    Directed by Morgan Green, Spring 2019 (Photo Credit:

TDM Spring 2020 Productions

TDM Spring Production

Harvard Dance Project, April 23-26
Untitled New Work directed by Kaneza Schaal, April 30-May 3

TDM Senior Thesis Productions

Terminal Hip: American Dream in HD, February 7-8 (Julius Wade)
In the Beginning, March 27-20 (Genevieve Lefevre)
The Weight of Clouds, April 3-5 (Danny Rivera)
Is It a Bad Time to Talk?, April 11-12 (João Paulo Krug Paiva)
Dear Deer Isle, April 17-19 (Marvin Merritt IV)

Terminal Hip: American Dream in HD

Terminal hip: ADHD is a TDM/History and Literature senior thesis production presented by Julius Wade in the Harvard Art Museums' Naumburg Room.

The one-man performance explores the history of the USA//conceptions of the American Dream through the medium of Mac Wellman's American language play and in the context of the historic American art collections at the Harvard Art Museums.

The experience is presented within an immersive audiovisual landscape (using projection and a binaurally recorded 3D headphone-audio track).

In the Beginning, March 27-20 (Genevieve Lefevre)

A TDM Senior Thesis by Geneveive Lefevre


Written by Genevieve Lefevre ’20
Directed by Bianca Rodriguez ’20
Produced by Lily Grob ’22, Jessica Morandi ’21, and Ian Chan ’22

History is always written from the perspective of the winners, and the histories passed down in religious texts are no different. Eve and Pandora are both mythologized as “the first woman on Earth” through the Bible and Greek mythology, respectively. In their tales, these women each bring a curse upon humanity, helping to perpetuate the patriarchal ideas that our society is built upon. In the Beginning combines and retells them, flipping the narrative to provide a reimagining of what might have happened and calling attention to the fact that history is written by people in power to keep power.

Performance Dates and Times

Farkas Hall, 12 Holyoke St

Friday, March 27 at 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 28 at 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 29 at 2:00 PM

Run time: Approximately 1 hour, no intermission

FREE tickets are available here.