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Shamell Bell

Lecturer on Somatic Performance and Contemporary Global Performance, Theater, Dance & Media
Robin  Bernstein

Robin Bernstein

Professor of African and African American Studies and of Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Tei Blow

Sound Designer, A Dream Play (Fall 2016)

Oana Botez

Costume and Set Designer
Production Designer, A Dream Play (Fall 2016)
Costume Designer, Three Americanisms (Spring 2018)

Kate Brehm

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Puppet Production Studio (Fall 2022); TDM 135B: Puppet Theater (Fall 2021); TDM 129B: Performing Puppetry (Fall 2019)
Director, The Poacher (Fall 2022)
Puppetry Design, The Danube (Spring 2019)

Burke Brown

Lighting Designer, A Dream Play (Fall 2016)
Lex Brown

Lex Brown

Harvard College Media Fellow (2020-2022)