Frequently Asked Questions

Are there opportunities to do musical theater in the concentration?

Absolutely! Many student productions are in musical theater, and the American Repertory Theater regularly stages musical theater productions (many of which go on to Broadway) offering students multiple opportunities for engagement. In addition, there are several courses each year in musical theater, including some offered by extraordinary visiting lecturers.

Are you a trained dancer wondering how your experience fits in with TDM?

Consider enrolling in a dance composition course, or a course on Avant-Garde Theater, in which dance has played a significant role, or take on course on dance in cultural context, a beginning acting course, or experiment with devised theater.

Can study abroad courses count for concentration?

Courses in theater, dance, and media offered at the Harvard Summer School may count for concentration credit with the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). Courses approved for Harvard College study abroad credit by the Office of International Education will be considered for concentration credit in Theater, Dance & Media with the approval of the DUS. Students should confer with the DUS before leaving for their study abroad and present course syllabi and relevant written work upon return.