Ju  Yon  Kim

Ju Yon Kim

Chair, Theater, Dance & Media
Patsy Takemoto Mink Professor of English
Jeff Adelberg smiles at the camera. He wears a red shirt.

Jeff Adelberg

Lecturer on Lighting Design
Lighting Design, The Owl Answers (Fall 2017), s.i.n.s.o.f.u.s. (Fall 2018)
A black and white headshot of Tara Ahmadinejad, with a slight smile and dark short curly hair, who looks at the camera to her left.

Tara Ahmadinejad

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90BR: New Species: A Hybrid Studio (Spring 2021)
Remo  Airaldi

Remo Airaldi

American Repertory Theater
Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media
Troy Anthony wears a turquoise shirt and smiles back at the camera.

Troy Anthony

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Production Studio: Theatre Making through Relationship and Contemplation (Fall 2021)
Dede Ayite Headshot

Dede Ayite

Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 158A: Transformative Design (Spring 2020)
A black and white photo of Hao Bai holding a Canon camera in front of their face.

Hao Bai

Production Designer, and the grass grows (Fall 2021)
Erika  Bailey

Erika Bailey

American Repertory Theater, Head of Voice and Speech
Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media

Anna Baronas

Stage Manager, Three Americanisms (Spring 2018); s.i.n.s.o.f.u.s (Fall 2018); The Danube (Spring 2019); Truth Hurts: A Transformational Cabaret (Fall 2019)