• Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Five Pieces

    Five Pieces

    Harvard Dance Project, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • A Dream Play

    A Dream Play

    Directed by Daniel Kramer, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit:

  • Harvard Dance Project


    Harvard Dance Project, Fall 2016 (Photo Credit: Liza Voll)

  • Far Away

    Directed by Annie Tippe, Spring 2017 (Photo Credit:

  • Three Americanisms Production Photo

    Three Americanisms

    Directed by Paul Lazar, Spring 2018 (Photo Credit:

  • The Danube Production Photo

    The Danube

    Directed by Morgan Green, Spring 2019 (Photo Credit:

Theater, Dance & Media (TDM) aims to integrate historical and theoretical study with art making—a central concern of Harvard’s Report of the Task Force on the Arts. Practical production work teaches students how to navigate the collaborative process of theater making. Every year, TDM invites guest artists, all professionals in their fields, to lead the creative teams of our concentration productions. Concentration theater and dance productions enable students to combine the various skills acquired in both studio-classes and seminars under the guidance of highly skilled theater and dance professionals.

The TDM production studio frames and involves participation in Theater, Dance & Media’s twice yearly professionally directed and designed productions. The preponderance of time for this course is dedicated to the rehearsal process and performances, where the integration of theory and practice, and theater, dance, and media take place.