TDM Instructor Spotlight: Joy Davis

May 11, 2020
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This week's TDM Instructor Spotlight features movement artist Joy Davis, who taught Practical Tools for Presence (TDM 142) this past semester! or

What’s been your most memorable experience in TDM or at Harvard?

My most memorable experience in TDM this semester was during the 4th week of class when the stJoy Davisudents had settled into the rhythm of the semester and become more comfortable with the Countertechnique class material. They were joyfully connecting to movement in the gorgeous studio 1 at the Dance Center. There was a sublime moment when all these thinker-maker-innovator students from so many different backgrounds were agilely dancing closely amongst one another and quickly copying movements from each other in an improvisation exercise - the glow of sweat and quickness of decision-making was a glorious sight to behold. The fortitude and work ethic these students displayed in the attempt to continue forging that level of curiosity and connection over zoom in the second half of the semester is nothing short of heroic. I feel honored to have been with this particular cohort of humans this semester!

What’s an upcoming project you have that you’re excited about?

As dance artist and educator steeped in the practices of Countertechnique®, improvisation, and performance - I find myself drawn to collaborative situations. I am currently working with Alexander Davis - together we are The Davis Sisters  @sistersdavisthe - which is a light-hearted and dramaturgically centered dance/theater/comedy duo. We are working on two digital projects: with Wesleyan’s Center for the Arts @wescfa we are creating a three part memorial for cancelled arts events to be celebrated and reimagined and with the Boston Center for the Arts @boscenterforarts we will be premiering a variety show in late May. 

I also collaborate with my partner, Eric Mullis @ericmullis8, and will be performing together in “JoyRide” a drive through art show fundraiser for @GoodyearArts at Charlotte’s @campnorthend

What’s something you’re excited about happening in the arts community right now?

I’m heartened by the richness of conversation happening right now across the arts fields in the wake of Covid-19. Our free-lance based work has been hard hit, but I see artists reimagining how to connect with audiences, how to work more deeply towards equity, and looking towards new frontiers of performance-making. While difficult, I believe this might be a revelatory moment for makers and audiences of many ilk. 

Photo credit: @robbiesweeny