TDM Artist Spotlight: Cynthia Meng

November 13, 2020
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This semester, we have the honor of profiling some of the incredible professional artists involved in the TDM fall production. Our first artist spotlight shines on musician Cynthia Meng! Cynthia, who graduated from Harvard in 2015, is working as the Music Director on the production. Check out her website at

A woman singing into a microphone.

What do you do as an artist?
I am primarily a pianist and a music director. Recently I've done some work on two albums that I'm really excited about – one is recently released, for "In the Green" (at Lincoln Center last summer), and one is coming out in November, "If the Fates Allow", which is a Hadestown holiday album.

What excites you about the TDM production this fall?
Working (as colleagues!) with some folks I really respected when I was an undergraduate student. That's a really beautiful, full-circle moment for me.

What has it been like so far to work on a project with students in virtual space?
I'm so happy to get to work with students. It's such a wonderful thing to be able to see creativity flow, especially during a time when there are so many physical limitations to how we can make theatre happen. Working with first-time composers brings its own set of challenges and beautiful moments, when students realize for the first time that they have the ability to create songs and lyrics.