TDM Fall 2020 Production: NAME:______


Saturday, December 5, 2020, 9:00pm to 10:00pm

Theater, Dance & Media presents NAME:______

a collage of photos in red/green/blue tint, with show info for Name: _____ overlaidCreated by TDM's Making Horizontal Theater Production Studio: Senator Atwater, Jonathan Castillo, Caron Kim, Madi Fabber, Vincent Pan, and Eileen Tucci, in collaboration with EllaRose Chary and Jay Stull.

Music Direction by Cynthia Meng
Sound Design by Andy Russ
Video Design by Katherine Freer
Website Design by LROD

Show Dates and Times
Saturday, December 5 at 9pm and 11pm ET
Sunday, December 6 at 3pm ET
Friday, December 11 at 9pm and 11pm ET
Saturday, December 12 at 9pm and 11pm ET

TO RSVP, visit HERE.


“It’s an exploration, an opportunity for us to explore what names mean to people, um kind of from the lens of legal names that you’ll find on passports, driver licenses, other legal documents, but membership cards and stuff like that, but also just what people decide to do with that name, what those names mean, how they shape identities, or they don’t. Whether we could live without them, and things like that. So um if at any point, you don’t want to talk about something, if you’re uncomfortable, just say it, and that is completely fine.

"I just want to hear about your own experiences with them.

"We take those words, verbatim, and turn them into lyrics, dialogue, and we compose an entire show.

"Names! What is your name?”