TDM 165H: Master Class in Performance & Storytelling with Jillian Walker


Thursday, March 24, 2022, 3:00pm


Farkas 203

Theater, Dance & Media welcomes Jillian Walker songwriter, storyteller, healing practitioner, and award-winning playwright-performer to Playwriting: Intersecting Americas (TDM 165H) led by Phillip Howze. This is a somatics-based workshop where participants will engage actively. Please wear comfortable clothes as movement will occur.

Limited spots available. Harvard students only. RSVP to tdm[at]


Jillian Walker (she) is a multidimensional artist, teacher, healer, and ancestral guide devoted to remembering ancestral ways through her work and life. She is the creator of the critically-acclaimed “SKiNFoLK: An American Show,” forthcoming from 53rd State Press and several other award-winning works. Jillian is currently working on several ancestrally-guided, liberation-focused projects and collaborations, including screenwriting and starring in the lyrical film, BLK GRK; Reconstruction: an epic performance-work with 23 other writers, a new off-broadway play premiering in 2023, and her monthly shamanistic newsletter, The Free List.In 2022, she will be leading several journeys at the crux of spiritual and creative life. Join her email list to be the first to learn about the unfolding.