Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Theater, Dance & Media

Are there opportunities to do musical theater in the concentration?

Absolutely.  Many student productions are in musical theater, and the American Repertory Theater regularly stages musical theater productions (many of which go on to Broadway) offering students multiple opportunities for engagement.  In addition, there are several courses each year in musical theater, including some offered by extraordinary visiting lecturers.

Can study abroad courses count for concentration?

Courses taken while studying abroad may count for concentration with the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  Students must petition for concentration credit by presenting course syllabi of courses taken while abroad and produce copies of written work, when applicable.

Do concentrators get preference in limited enrollment TDM classes?

Not necessarily.  With the exception of concentration tutorials (TDM 97, 98, 99), which are required of all and limited to concentrators, it is up to each instructor to determine enrollment.  However, it is a good idea for students to let instructors know that they are concentrating in TDM.  Some classes, especially studio classes, are highly popular and therefore it is wise to consider several different options during shopping period.