TDM Instructor Spotlight: Stew Stewart

October 2, 2020
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This week's TDM Instructor Spotlight features singer/songwriter & playwright Stew Stewart! This semester he is teaching TDM 169S: Singer + Song = Story.

What excites you about working in TDM this fall?
African American man wearing glasses and hat
This semester at TDM we are charged with the modest task of re-inventing theater. My brilliant collaborators (commonly referred to as "students") are clearly up for this task. We'll keep you posted on how it’s going. 

What do you do as an artist?
I'm a singer/songwriter, band-guy who, while happily living a successful indie-rock cult-band existence, stumbled into musical theater and brought all my rock and roll baggage along with me. Somehow I won a Tony Award - I think there was a raffle that year or something. I used to make things that were, I guess you could call, "musicals" but now I make what we like to call "narrative concerts."

What are some underlying themes in your artistic work?
In all of my work, Race is a theme park and I'm the carny.