TDM Instructor Spotlight: Brian Quijada

February 3, 2022
TDM Instructor Spotlight: Brian Quijada

This week's TDM Instructor Spotlight features actor, playwright, and composer Brian Quijada! This semester, Brian is teaching TDM 169Q: Sonic Solos.

What excites you about working in TDM?

TDM has an incredible reputation and I’m excited to be joining its already stellar faculty.

Brian Quijada, a Latine man, smiles in a purple shirtWhat do you do as an artist? What’s an upcoming project you have that you’re excited about?

I am a multi-disciplinary artist that specializes in telling stories infused with music, mostly using hip hop and live-looping techniques. DRAGON BABY is the newest project I’m working on with writer/performer Sara Porkalob. The musical will premiere at ART in Cambridge.

What are some underlying themes in your artistic work? What’s something you’re excited about happening in the arts community right now?

Most of my work deals with topics of identity, race politics, and immigration. Given that my work deals with these ideas, the idea of more accessibility to a broader theatre audience is exciting to me.

Learn more about Brian's work here: