TDM Artist Spotlight: Dahlia Al-Habieli

April 14, 2022
TDM Artist Spotlight: Dahlia Al-Habieli

Each semester, we have the honor of profiling some of the incredible professional artists involved in the TDM production. Our first artist spotlight this spring shines on scenic designer and educator Dahlia Al-Habieli! Dahlia is working as the scenic designer on the spring TDM production, Marriage or Maid MADE. Check out more of Dahlia’s work at

What inspires you as an artist and creative?

Exciting writing! The desire to help tell compelling, well-crafted stories is what drives my work. 

Dahlia Al-Habieli, a smiling woman with buzzed hair and a pink turtleneckWhat excites you about this original TDM production?

The space the process has created for every member of the team to be a co-author in the storytelling. 

What has it been like collaborating with the team on this project?

There are many passionate artists working on this production who have joyfully embraced each others interests and design impulses. I have particularly enjoyed working with lighting designer Finn Bamber, who has brought so much creative energy and so many dramaturgically compelling ideas to the table. 

What projects are you working on next?

A starkly lit set model by Dahlia Al-Habieli for The Plague in Venice.I am focusing on my drawing and painting practice for the next few months before diving back in with the Dallas Theatre Center's 2022 Public Works production of The Odyssey, and then Madhuri Shekar's House of Joy for The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis.