Visiting Faculty

Dede Ayite Headshot

Dede Ayite

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 158A: Transformative Design, Mondays, 3-5:45pm (Spring 2020)

Kate Brehm

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 129B: Performing Puppetry (Fall 2019)
Puppetry Design, The Danube (Spring 2019)

Jace Clayton

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 169C: Uproot Aesthetics: Interdisciplinary Temporalities in Performance (Fall 2019)

Joy Davis

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 142: Practical Tools for Presence: Countertechnique and Dramaturgical Thinking, Tuesdays, 12-2:45pm (Spring 2020)
Eugene Ma Headshot

Eugene Ma

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 121M: Introduction to Clown, Wednesdays, 12-2:45pm (Spring 2020)

Amy Rubin

TDM 151 Design Foundations: Scenography Studio, Mondays, 12-2:45pm (Spring 2019)
Scenic Designer, Three Americanisms (Spring 2018)

Kaneza Schaal

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90BR: Making Original Performance, Mondays, 12-2:45pm (Spring 2020)
Director, TDM Spring Production (Spring 2020)

Carmelita Tropicana

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Production Studio: Queer Cabaret (Fall 2019)
Director, Queer Cabaret (Fall 2019)

Aysha Upchurch

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 149U: Hip Hop Dance: Exploring the Groove and the Movement Beneath and Beyond the Beat (Fall 2019)
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 149UB: Performing Culture: Exploring Identity and Power Through Hip Hop Dance, Wednesdays, 12-2:45pm (Spring 2020)