Visiting Faculty


Kate Brehm

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 135B: Puppet Theater, Thurs 3-5:45pm (Fall 2021); TDM 129B: Performing Puppetry (Fall 2019)
Puppetry Design, The Danube (Spring 2019)
African American man wearing glasses and hat

Stew Stewart

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 169S: Singer + Song = Story, Wed 3-5:45pm (Fall 2020, Fall 2021)
Mei Ann Teo's short hair covers their right eye while looking at the camera. Mei Ann wears a button-up t-shirt with stars and moons on them.

Mei Ann Teo

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Production Studio: Theatre Making through Relationship and Contemplation, Mon 3-5:45pm (Fall 2021)