Past Visiting Faculty

A black and white headshot of Tara Ahmadinejad, with a slight smile and dark short curly hair, who looks at the camera to her left.

Tara Ahmadinejad

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90BR: New Species: A Hybrid Studio (Spring 2021)
Troy Anthony wears a turquoise shirt and smiles back at the camera.

Troy Anthony

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Production Studio: Theatre Making through Relationship and Contemplation (Fall 2021)
Dede Ayite Headshot

Dede Ayite

Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 158A: Transformative Design (Spring 2020)

Kate Brehm

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Puppet Production Studio (Fall 2022); TDM 135B: Puppet Theater (Fall 2021); TDM 129B: Performing Puppetry (Fall 2019)
Director, The Poacher (Fall 2022)
Puppetry Design, The Danube (Spring 2019)
Lex Brown

Lex Brown

Harvard College Media Fellow (2020-2022)
Sara Brown

Sara Brown

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 151: Scenography Studio (Spring 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019)
Scenic Designer, Far Away (Spring 2017); The Man Who (Fall 2016)
Director of Design, MIT Music and Theater Arts

Johnathan Carr

Sound Designer, The Man Who (Spring 2016)
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 169BA: Where Stage Meets Screen: The Merging of Living Theater and Moving Images (Spring 2018), TDM 153: Introductory Theater Design: Lighting, Audio, and Video (Spring 2017, Fall 2018)
David Chambers

David Chambers

Professor Adjunct of Directing, Yale School of Drama
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 129DA: Analysis Through Action: A Methodology for Actors, Directors, Writers, and Dramaturgs (Fall 2015)
Visiting Lecturer, TDM 190: Making the Avant-Garde (Fall 2016)
Smiling woman wearing a burgundy tank top in front of a gray-blue wall.

EllaRose Chary

Visiting Lecturer, TDM 90AR: Making Horizontal Theater (Fall 2020)