Tools for Virtual and Real Perceptions

TDM 168L
Young Joo Lee
2020 Spring
Wednesdays, 3:00-5:45pm
Location: Farkas Studio 303
Class Capacity: 12 Consent Required: Instructor

Description: This class will examine how the current media culture affects the perception of the physical reality, identity, and relationship to other humans as a starting point for individual projects. We will read writings and watch relevant films, artworks in addition to meeting and talking with guest artists/speakers. The tools taught in the class are Unity 3D and After Effects. One or more of these programs should be used to create the final project. Some of the themes to think about in the class are virtual reality, gender and community, dreams as virtual reality, phantom limb, extension of body and sensorial organs. This course is formatted as a seminar and studio class, thus the critique and presentation of students' work are essential.