[Motion for Performers]

TDM 148
Jill Johnson

Wednesdays, 3:00-5:45pm
Location: Harvard Dance Center Studio 1
Class Capacity: 15 Consent Required: Instructor

Description: For actors, choreographers, dancers, directors, and writers, this course aims to build a skillset in the physicality of roles for stage, screen, and installations. The course considers how and in what ways a performer can capture and inhabit a character, develop embodied stakes, cultivate dexterity and nuance in a role – through and with the body. From the pedestrian to highly stylized or improvised movement, students will conduct in-depth research and physical practice in a studio lab environment, focusing on motion expression and physicalizing a role. The course will include a rigorous study in body awareness, task-based improvisation, staging/choreographic exercises, and cultivate communication skills for effective feedback and direction. Lecturer on Theater, Dance & Media Mario Zambrano will teach several classes. Guest artists and directors, site-specific research on campus, including in artist Teresita Fernandez's installation Autumn (...Nothing Personal); and several colloquia will be a part of the course.