Junior Tutorial

TDM 98 
Debra Levine
2021 Fall
Wednesdays, 12-2:45pm
Location: TBD
Class Capacity: No Limit Consent Required: Instructor
Description: This course serves as a transition between the survey nature of the sophomore tutorial and the independent senior thesis in Theater, Dance & Media at Harvard. We engage with methods and forms of theater, dance and media which may provide inspiration for your future artistic and scholarly work. Our strategy is to identify a number of contemporary and historical performances and performance archives and critically consider how they might influence your evolving identity as an artist working in live media, dance, and performance. We will delve deeply into genres of arts practices that could help you to imagine a way forward in your own work. In doing so, the goal is to advance your transition into a professional life in theater, dance, and media, and the identify your key concerns (both artistic and pragmatic) regarding a professional practice. Throughout the semester we will discuss how your personal goals and concerns intersect with political, social, and individual contemporary preoccupations in those fields.

This junior tutorial is designed to organize participants into a community of singular artist interlocutors who can also supportively engage with one another’s projects. You will develop methods to articulate your own intentions and impulses with great specificity, offer appropriate feedback for the stage of development for your peer’s projects, and acquire facility with terms of art in theater, dance & media.

Our semester is oriented to gaining autonomy and independence in relation to your interests. For the first seven weeks of the semester, we will read and explore a number of topics and ideas regarding the development of a sustainable arts practice, all the while, developing a specific set of questions pertinent to each class member’s interests in the concentration. At the end of the seven weeks, students will present (both in person and online) on a company or artist whose work you have been researching in depth (the options are outlined in week 7 of the syllabus). We then pivot to your topics brought up during the first half of the semester – in essence the class will be building and completing the syllabus for the last half of October and November and December, while discussing and workshopping the development of their thesis ideas


Notes: Required of all, and limited to concentrators.