Immersive Storytelling Using Mixed Media

TDM 169L
Young Joo Lee
2019 Fall
Wednesdays, 3:00-5:45pm
Location: Farkas Studio 303
Class Number: 10 Consent Required: Instructor

Description: This course is a studio-based class about storytelling using mixed media: video, performance, drawing, text, sound and virtual reality. We will examine different ways in which artists used visual language to tell stories. Starting with the history of immersive media, the class will study the relationship between visual language and technological development. We will screen examples of relevant contemporary art works and analyze the technological aspects and conceptual background of these works. Utilizing video, performance, drawing, sound, text and virtual reality, students will develop projects, reflecting on the discussions in the class. Critique and presentation of the students’ works are essential part of the class.

Students are required to attend the Coding Workshop for Artists series, held on September 26-27, 6-9pm, and October 16, 3-6pm (during class time) and October 17, 6-9pm, at the Derek Bok Learning Lab.