Production Studio: Harvard Dance Project

Jill Johnson
2019 Spring
Tuesdays/Thursdays, 3:00pm-7:15pm
Location: Harvard Dance Center, 66 Garden Street
Class Capacity: 15 Consent Required: Instructor 
Description: The Harvard Dance Project cultivates invention and fosters the courage of artistry. This faculty-led performance company gives students the opportunity to be original cast members and collaborators in diverse dance works created by preeminent professional choreographers. The project focuses on performance research, collaboration, choreographic composition, and links choreographic thinking to other fields. It is a studio-based course which includes performances at major venues on campus.  Harvard Dance Project Collaborators (2013 - 2018):  Jonathan Alsberry, Aszure Barton, Brian Brooks, Peter Chu, Chanel DaSilva, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Michelle Dorrance, William Forsythe, Jill Johnson, Francesca Harper, Crystal Pite, Shamel Pitts, Silas Reiner, Dwight Rhoden, Melinda Sullivan, Clifford Williams, Mario Zambrano.

Notes: Some dance experience required.  Enrollment determined by audition. 
Course meeting days TBD
Fulfills a TDM requirement. Artistic Director/Instructor:  Jill Johnson