Production Studio: Harvard Dance Project

LROD (Laura Rodriguez)
2022 Spring
Mondays, 12-2:45 pm
Location: TBD
Class Capacity: 12 Consent Required: Instructor

Description: The Harvard Dance Project is a production-based course focusing on professional movement exploration, choreography, and process. For the Spring 2022 season, Aysha Upchurch, Jeffrey Page, and LROD will be in choreographic residence with the enrolled company at the Harvard Dance Center. The Harvard Dance Project offers the enrolled company an in-depth experience working closely with choreographers’ diverse methods and practices in the dance production universe while simultaneously examining the intersections of dance and performance studies, choreographic processes, and intermedia. The Harvard Dance Project culminates in an end-of term performance and production experience at Farkas Hall. In addition, each enrolled company member will simultaneously cultivate a short dance studies article relevant to their research over the course of the semester. LROD will facilitate the course using co-creative, adaptive, and liberatory methods with a decolonial approach.

Course notesSome dance, interdisciplinary, and collaborative experience is required. Students concentrating in Theater, Dance & Media or interested in developing a performance practice encouraged to enroll. Fulfills a TDM Production Studio requirement. Come speak with LROD about your experience and interest in the course.