Foundational Concepts in Theater, Dance & Media

TDM 97
Debra Levine
2022 Spring
Wednesdays, 3:00-5:45 pm
Location: TBD
Class Capacity: 30 Consent Required: Instructor


This course will introduce students to the fundamental issues in and methods of theatre and dance studies. We will engage a number of plays, essays, videos, and live performances to explore the potential of expressive forms, and ask, what can be experienced and known through performance and performing? In doing so, we will address key questions:

What constitutes a theatrical event?  What are its component parts?  What is the relationship between written dramas, scripts, scores, and embodied performance on the stage and in everyday life?  What responsibilities do the actors, dancers, directors, choreographers, designers and other members of the production team have to previous incarnation or to an author’s expressed intentions?  How does the spectator co-create the meaning of a given production? How does one situate performance historically and from a theoretical perspective?  And how can performance become a critical tool to engage cultural, political, and philosophical issues?

You will be encouraged to develop your ability to think about performance from many different perspectives and to defend your individual ideas with strong critical skills. Additionally, throughout the course of the semester we will define and demystify the complex terms that operate within this field. This course aims to give students a solid foundation to see, experience and think as performers, as artists, and as scholars of expressive behavior.


Course Notes: Required of all, and limited to, concentrators.