[Choreographies of Resistance]

TDM 181K
Sharon Kivenko
2019 Spring
Wednesdays, 12:45-2:45pm
Location: Farkas Studio 303
Class Capacity: 20 Consent Required: Instructor

Description: This “movement seminar” examines socio-political resistances that choreography can enact. Engaging with weekly movement provocations inspired by Euro-American and Africanist forms of movement students will learn to undertake critical dance studies as a means towards naming, knowing, and coming to terms with difference. What and how do performing bodies signify? Can a collection of performing bodies make lasting change in and on their social and political milieux? Can choreography theorize corporeal, individual and social identities? Does choreography address and can it recast our thinking about ethnicity, gender, class and sexuality? The suggestion underlying these questions is that choreographies can and do, in fact, have the potential for potent social, cultural, political and economic interventions. By considering these questions carefully, we will in this course enact a form of generative choreographic scholarship, that will culminate in creative and critical work both on stage and off.

This course will be taught by TDM Visiting Lecturer Dr. Sharon Kivenko.