[The Art of Storytelling]

Deborah Foster
2018 Spring
Tuesday, 2:00pm - 3:59pm
Location: TBA
Class Number: 11608  Course ID: 122447Description: Throughout the centuries and across all continents, men and women have told stories to express the values they find in their common experiences of everyday life. While the multiple storytelling traditions of the teller influence the content and form of the emergent tale, each narrator shapes the story to reflect his or her own intentions, making it personally expressive as well as publicly meaningful to a particular audience in a specific place and time. Drawing on scholarship of oral storytelling traditions and reading (in translation) myths, tales, legends, plays and other forms from several traditions, this seminar will examine the nature of storytelling, its enduring appeal, and its ability to adapt to multiple new platforms (stage, print, film, internet). Participants will engage in the storytelling process itself in order to understand better the interrelationship of structure, plot, character, imagery, rhythm, voice and gesture to the story as a whole in a variety of media, ranging from mime to video.

Course Requirements: Course open to Freshman Students Only